Introducing Humanscale Medlink Pro Pharmacy Edition

Derive Healthcare, the dedicated Healthcare IT practice of Derive Technologies, and Humanscale Healthcare are pleased to introduce, Humanscale(R) MedLink Pro Pharmacy Edition, announced at HIMSS.


In addition to other enhancements, MedLink Pro: Pharmacy Edition adds unique Medication Cassette Docking capabilities to Humanscale’s modular Medication Workflow Solution. Combined with the T7 Mobile Medication Cart and removable, RFID-trackable, medication cassette; the most challenging of medication workflow requirements can now be addressed.



Modular Docking Station

With MedLink Pro Pharmacy Edition, the Cassette Dock is designed for use within:

  • Pharmacy
  • Nurse Stations
  • Medication Rooms


CONTACT THE DERIVE HEALTHCARE TEAM about secure mounting and integration options in patient rooms and other locations. Derive brings two decades of business-technology consulting, and fifteen years of healthcare-specific experience to the development of optimal workflows and best practices for clinical care.

Utilizing Humanscale MedLink Pro, Derive's clinical workflow transformation solutions are scalable, in scope and cost, to meet the needs of all providers, from large private and public hospital systems to smaller practices. Our services incorporating Humanscale include:

  • Formal Device Selection Plans
  • Workflow Collaboration
  • Current and Future State Documentation
  • Assistance to Clinical Staff in Deployment, Training and Support


MedLink Pro Software

MedLink Pro is designed to reduce errors between the time of fill and administration, this revolutionary medication dispensing system integrates into current workflow methodologies — whether pharmacy fill, ADC or nursing station fill — for unmatched efficiency, security and patient safety.



Unique MedLink Pro Features



Secure, one-way interface to hospital ADT information allows caregivers to  individually and electronically assign medication drawers by selecting from the patient list for their unit or department.

RFID-embedded technology enables the secure tracking of assigned medication drawers and cassettes from: - central or satellite pharmacies, to:

  • Nurse stations and unit-level medication rooms, to…
  • Medication carts, to…
  • Patient rooms…


All of the above, while securely maintaining medication drawer assignment data and location.




  • Assigned drawers can be opened automatically by scanning a patient wristband bar code.
  • Drawers can be opened and closed individually.
  • Bar Code Scan Locations (at the ADC or in a medication store room) ensure drawers can only be accessed in a designated area when filling medication.
  • Override events (opening drawers without scanning the patient’s wristband or location bar code) are captured via reporting software.




  • Opened but ignored patient drawers automatically close and lock after a predetermined timeout period is exceeded, preventing unauthorized access to medication if the caregiver is called away.




  • Microsoft Active Directory integration, with option to set-up single sign-on capabilities.
  • Access provided through secure username and password system.


Contact a Derive Healthcare Humanscale Specialist

Please contact a Derive Healthcare Humanscale MedLink Pro Specialist by calling (212) 363-1111 [New York], (201) 299-9132 [New Jersey] or TOLL-FREE at (844) 363-1110, or by completing the FORM ON THIS PAGE (please indicate "MedLink Pro" in the comments).