Derive Technologies and Derive Healthcare annually honor the men, women, and children who lost their lives on 9-11-2001.

On this 15th anniversary of the tragic event, as stated in the 2014 post, Derive pays continued "tribute to them, to their families, to survivors of the tragedy, and to all of the responders -- first and ongoing (police, firefighters, emergency medical services, military, thousands of civilian volunteers and others) -- who risked everything to help those in need."

John Wood, Derive's Vice President of Marketing, remembering that, as Derive’s corporate headquarters, and Wall Street technology configuration center, were in 2001, and continue to be, just steps away from the World Trade Center: "We were running for our lives." Mr. Wood remembered how the entire Derive team exited their offices, and briskly, but calmly, escaped the carnage.

In the 2014 post, a rembrance came from Kirit Desai, Derive’s Chief Executive Officer: “The entire company came together on that day to help each other in ways that even we, with a great company and personal culture, could never imagine.” Mr. Desai specifically recalled how, “Mr. Wood and other members of the team immediately executed emergency and fire procedures to get us safely out of our respective downtown buildings, and our whole staff supported finding viable options to protect, and contact the families of, all of our onsite, and offsite, personnel.” All of these actions were life-saving.

Derive also pays ongoing tribute to the company's clients and partners, some of which -- both the businesses/organizations themselves and their personnel -- were lost in, while others survived the event. (In the days after these events, Derive rushed to do all that the company could could to assist hundreds of corporations, healthcare providers, and other organizations -- many of them Derive's longtime customers -- to recover from the devastation, including, of course, those directly in Lower Manhattan, or with facilities in the area.)


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