June 27, 2016 - A 6/22 article on MedGadget, entitled, "Digital Health Market – Growing Demand for Healthcare Technology," indicates that opportunities for "deploying mobile technology in a healthcare set-up have significantly increased in the last few years." According to the article, this is because the "rising aging population, increasing price of advanced treatments, and shrinking healthcare expenses by governments have impelled healthcare providers to look for complementing solutions to sustain future social and health care systems."

The article goes on to say: "The proliferation of smart devices and smartphones has played a crucial role in propagating digital health. Notable developments in bio-sensing wearables such as glucose, blood pressure, and diabetes monitors are further expected to augment the interest in digital health."

As the article states, "Digital health enables access to real-time health care data. Furthermore smartphones and wearable medical devices integrating an increasing range of sensors to facilitate monitoring changes in physiology." For providers -- including healthcare (hospitals, clinics, elder care facilities, research facilities and more) and market-specific IT solution providers (including specialized mobile technology providers) -- the article indicates that, "the applicability of digital health is expected to surge extraordinarily in the near future."

The article contains reports that present granular analysis' of the global and national digital health markets, and competitive research--all of them "studying the various aspects influencing the market’s trajectory between 2016 and 2023. Factors aiding and inhibiting the growth of the market have been analyzed in detail. The report also presents insights into the strategies adopted by various companies operating in the market."

Derive Healthcare (Derive Technologies' 15+ year-old, dedicated healthcare practice) continues to be attuned to all issues surrounding applications of, and innovations in, digital and mobile health technologies--the practice's experience based on decades of close collaboration with some of the world's most important hospitals, other clinical and research facilities, and many years of strategic alliance partnerships (at the highest levels) with specialized healthcare IT manufacturers.

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