A July 8, article by Elizabeth Whitman in Modern Healthcare states that "Hospital groups are criticizing the CMS' plans to publish star ratings of hospitals, claiming the agency calculated those ratings in a way that could inaccurately reflect a hospital's quality." However, the article goes on to put forth, "proponents of greater hospital transparency counter that the CMS should publish the ratings, arguing the benefits far outweigh any limitations."

According to the article, "The American Hospital Association, the Association of American Medical Colleges, America's Essential Hospitals and the Federation of American Hospitals penned a joint letter (PDF) Thursday to CMS administrator Patrick Conway that highlighted 'significant underlying methodological problems with its star ratings' and raised concerns that the CMS had not validated its methodology."

“Until the CMS has taken the time to address these problems and share information with hospitals and the public demonstrating that its star ratings methods offer a fair and accurate assessment of hospital quality," as the article describes the content of the letter, "we strongly urge the agency to continue to withhold publication of the flawed star ratings".

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