Mar 8, 2018 - News from HIMSS 2018, in Las Vegas, NV, which the team from the dedicated Derive Healthcare practice of Derive Technologies, is currently attending, includes a leading article in today's Forbes, entitled, "HP Inc. Diversifies Offerings With New Healthcare Solutions At HIMSS 2018", by Forbes contributor, Patrick Moorhead. According to the article, HP, Inc. (Derive is a HP Platinum Partner), "is unveiling a new lineup of devices specifically geared towards the healthcare industry. HP is now the number one unit market share leader in PCs, and now it is seeking to diversify into vertical markets. As the PC market matures, we see more and more areas of specialization pop up—this foray into healthcare-targeted devices is a prime example of that."



Moorhead continues, "HP says the drivers for the new 'Healthcare Edition Portfolio' were to increase patient security, patient safety, and help drive caregiver efficiency. I will tell you from spending nearly a decade on the board of Austin’s premier hospital (St. Davids and Heart Hospital) that these variables are essential to hospitals and caregivers if they can impact patient outcomes and make caregivers happier." Regarding patient safety, the article states, "According to the CDC, there are approximately 1.7 million healthcare-associated infections that occur in U.S. hospitals each year. If these numbers are to be reduced, hospitals must up their sanitation game and hold their electronic devices to the same cleanliness standard as their scalpels and calipers."



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