Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Derive Healthcare — Derive is a HPE Platinum Partner — want you to take a minute to check out the latest “HPE in :60” and get the low down on HPE Synergy and hybrid IT. Synergy is the world’s first platform built for composable infrastructure.

In the video, released yesterday (May 8), HPE asked, "Did you know that 70% of enterprises will adopt a multi-cloud strategy by 2019?" HPE Synergy combines storage, compute and network functionality in one chassis, accessible through software APIs. HPE Synergy with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10 is the first solution that allows you to run both private cloud services and traditional applications on shared infrastructure, resulting in a more agile and cost-effective solution for hybrid IT. Before Synergy, separate workloads would have required separate infrastructure--one set for private cloud, another for your HR application, and another for an ERP application, for example.

What can HPE Synergy, implemented by Derive Technologies' certified professional services team -- with cost-effective design, implementation and support solutions, tailored for healthcare providers, teaching and research institutions, pharma and more — do for your business?

Watch the HPE in :60 Synergy Edition Video


Stay tuned for complete content related to HPE Synergy for Data Management, Collaboration, DevOps and Hybrid Cloud, coming soon.

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