The Derive Healthcare team is attending HIMSS 15 this week and attended presentations on, and read this article about, from today’s edition of The New York Times Bits Blog entitled, “IBM Creates Watson Health to Analyze Medical Data.”

(“John Kelly oversees IBM’s research labs and new initiatives.” Photo credit Ángel Franco/The New York Times, from the article.)

The article states that, “The IBM plan, put simply, is that its Watson technology will be a cloud-based service that taps vast stores of health data and delivers tailored insights to hospitals, physicians, insurers, researchers and potentially even individual patients.” It goes on to list “three industry partners” that will be part of the initial Watson healthcare program, including Derive partners, Apple and Medtronic, as well as Johnson & Johnson.

According to the article, IBM is pointing, in its value proposition, “to improvements in artificial intelligence, low-cost cloud computing and health policy that will reward keeping patients healthy instead of the fee-for-service model in which more treatments and procedures mean more revenue.”

Derive is keeping updated on all of the latest information on this new service from IBM that will be delivered in concert with partners like Derive and through services and applications available on Apple devices — Derive is an Apple Enterprise Reseller and VAC Partner — on Medtronic devices and more.

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