(May 19, 2016) Derive Technologies (featuring our dedicated Derive Healthcare practice), is a 2016 Intalere Member Conference Emerald Sponsor and attendee. The conference is currently being held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Derive Technologies (and Derive Healthcare) is a New York-based, national and global consultancy, and is participating in the conference to demonstrate Derive's capabilities -- with a premium booth in the exhibitor showroom -- and to meet, in-person, Intalere (formerly, Amerinet) members and other sponsors/attendees.

Derive Technologies (and Derive Healthcare) are recipients recipients of a multi-year, nationwide, Intalere Supplier Contract for a multiplicity of healthcare products and services:

  • INTALERE CONTRACT # VP 10199: Complete Product and Services Catalogue
    • Current Manufacturers: Capsa Solutions/Rubbermaid Healthcare, Code Healthcare (Barcode Reader Technology), Seal Shield Healthcare (Further manufacturers will be added Derive's Intalere contracts in the near future)

In addition to Derive's nearly two decades of experience in healthcare technology consulting, the company's addition to the Intalere contract for multiple products and services, as well as on a series of Federal and State contracts, including the Federal GSA and New York State's OGS, and more, and is recognized as a Minority-Owned Business Supplier Enterprise (MBE) by the United States Department of Commerce (USDC) and local Councils.

Derive is authorized to sell Clinical Point-of-Care, Medication Management, Infection Control / Medical Grade (antimicrobial), Telemedicine, Scanning and Barcode Reading, and other healthcare products, and deliver solutions, to Intalere member organizations throughout the entire US and territories. Derive also holds Platinum and Gold partnership statuses with major healthcare IT infrastructure manufacturers, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Inc., Microsoft, Cisco, Lenovo, Apple, Citrix, and VMware, as well as with specialized, industry-specific providers such as the previously mentioned Capsa/Rubbermaid, Code, and Seal Shield, and Compulocks, Anton Bauer, ZixCorp, Bosch and more.

The photos below are from Derive Technologies/Derive Healthcare's premium booth at the Conference (taken today, 5/19). (Click on the images for larger views.)

For more information about Derive Technologies and the Derive Healthcare consulting practice, and about purchasing products and services through Derive's national Intalere Supplier Contract and other related vehicles, please contact us by using the form below, or by calling us at (212) 363-1111.

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