An August 11, article in Fast Company, by Sean Captain, entitled, "NASA Space-Tests A Supercomputer To Send To Mars", delineated how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is directly engaging with NASA to bring supercomputing to their space exploration efforts. According to the article, "To gauge the wear and tear of spaceflight, NASA will launch on August 14 a supercomputer made by Hewlett Packard Enterprise on a yearlong mission aboard the International Space Station."

Part of the evaluation is of how HPE's supercomputers can withstand harsh conditions and still calculate and provide data in Mars' harsh atmosphere: "Unlike the other computers on the ISS, this one is not “hardened” with shielding and other provisions to survive heat, radiation, and other stresses. It was pulled right off the assembly line for HPE’s Apollo 4000-series enterprise servers." HPE's Mark Fernandez, responsible for the software components of NASA's tests of the equipment, indicated that "HPE and NASA want to see if a state-of-the-art, unprotected computer can survive space travel, using software to compensate for any damage."



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Derive Technologies (including our dedicated Derive Healthcare practice) is a HPE Platinum Partner. Derive's team is following all of HPE's innovations in supercomputing to support its synthesis into business computing. According to HPE, they approach supercomputing, "through a High Performance Computing (HPC) architecture. HPC makes it possible to overcome traditional cost barriers to supercomputing. You can choose how much compute power you want to concentrate in HPC clusters. Our HPC solutions empower innovation at any scale, building on our purpose-built HPC systems and technologies solutions, applications and support services." The scaling of these systems will enable support not only for such high-flying objectives as space travel, but also, in rapid time, for healthcare and other industries, wherein speed and power, and the processing, and management, of the most sophisticated data is necessary.

Learn more about Derive's relationship with HPE, and our work in supporting the company's R&D efforts in supercomputing and other technologies, including all hyperconverged infrastructure, cloud and more, please contact us by calling (212) 363-1111, or by completing the form on this page (please include "HPE HPC" in the comments section).

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