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Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections – Saving Lives and Saving Dollars

Although a recent analysis by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) of data from 2010-2013 shows notable improvements in some Hospital Acquired Condition (HAC) categories – such as a 49% reduction in central line-associated bloodstream infections – many categories lacking similarly rigid checklists and best practices still suffer with little improvement. The result – nearly 10% of patients will still experience one or more HACs during their hospital stay – many of these, preventable infections.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has previously indicated that approximately 2,000,000 cases of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) occur each year costing 100,000 lives.  Beyond the human toll, each HAI adds approximately $15,000 to the cost of treating the patient, a $30 billion problem.

Reducing Infections – Maintaining Payments

Section 3008 of the Affordable Care Act required CMS to establish a program for hospitals to improve patient safety, by imposing financial penalties on hospitals that perform poorly with regard to hospital-acquired conditions.  Under the resulting HAC Reduction Program, hospitals that rank in the lowest-performing quartile of hospital-acquired conditions will be paid 99 percent of what otherwise would have been paid under IPPS, beginning in FY 2015.  The rule also finalizes the quality measures and the scoring methodology to determine this quartile, as well as the process hospitals will use to review and correct their data.

Derive Technologies provides many options to address infection control challenges. Passive solutions include specialized keyboards, mice and other data entry devices. Active solutions include sterilization products for devices and environments. Many solutions offer management and oversight features – helping drive best practices and protocol control into the most challenging of HAC categories.

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