Service Plans / Lifecycle Support

Selection, Procurement and Support of All Healthcare Systems

Derive Technologies was founded more than 20 years ago as a full-service provider. From our inception, we have always understood that quality technology products and solutions can only be effective if they are properly selected, deployed and supported.

Derive offers a comprehensive set of services designed to address the very specific and often uniquely challenging requirements of healthcare.

Examples of services offered include:

Technology Deployment Services

Derive Technologies is a complete provider of survey, design, installation and support services, including:

  • Facility requirements (power, telecom, cable plant, datacenter)
  • RF (wireless) surveys and wireless network design
  • Current and future state technology review and GAP analysis
  • Business continuity, remote access and support requirements review
  • Complete design and build capabilities
  • Onsite support agreements including 24/7
  • Remote monitoring and proactive alerting

Point of Care Deployment Management

Derive has extensive experience and is uniquely qualified, trained and certified to handle the most demanding deployments involving technology and mobility solutions within patient care areas and procedure environments.

Planning & Project Management

Derive works closely with our healthcare clients to review site and area preparedness requirements in order to develop formal and detailed deployment plans and schedules.

Shipping Logistics, Staging, Onsite

Derive service representatives coordinate with our healthcare clients to be onsite at each delivery stage. Our personnel work with designated hospital staff to:

  • Oversee all shipping logistics with shippers and carriers to manage delivery timetables
  • Confirm proper receipt of equipment and related items
  • Assist in the physical unloading of shipments at customer receiving docks
  • Remove shipping materials and place in customer designated locations
  • Physically move materials (carts, mounts, technology) to staging area(s)
  • Physically deploy equipment to all installation areas following an agreed and documented schedule and methodology

Integration of Devices & Accessories (Peripherals)

Derive develops build-documents that specify the exact requirements and configurations for each cart, mount or other integrated device. Build-documents include installation and configuration details, such as:

  • PC, laptop or thin client details
  • Image(s) and additional software configuration details
  • Asset tags and other unique identifiers
  • Physical assembly and configuration details
  • Images and details defining acceptable configurations

In-Service of Users & Training of Support Staff

Derive service representatives provide onsite training of clinical users, support staff and others. In addition to standard training on usage, Derive also collaborates with our clients to provide additional training incorporating customer-specific requirements regarding:

  • Usage workflows as they pertain to device and peripheral usage (example: barcode reader training)
  • Support processes following protocols and procedures (example: how requests for various types of support are to be directed and communicated)
  • Derive customizes training materials

Derive Comprehensive Onsite Support Agreements

Derive offers comprehensive support plans to include newly acquired assets and assets currently in place. Derive’s support offerings can include many features:

  • Comprehensive SLAs developed in conjunction with clinical and information technology representatives.
  • Derive [full-time, onsite; on-call] staff during standard business hours responsible for:
    • Responding to requests for service within agreed SLAs
    • Responding to alerts generated by management software
    • Proactive roundings of units and preventive maintenance
    • Ticket entry of Derive- identified problems with associated resolutions
    • Unit-level nurse station sign-off upon completion of rounds
  • Continuous improvement processes regarding user training and user needs/concerns
  • Comprehensive service/ticket system integration, reporting and communication
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis of ticket histories, trending, training issues, etc.
  • 24/7 Availability--named Derive service staff will be on-call to client for critical ticket issues outside business hours.
  • Engineers pre-screened by client with vendor badges and a complete understanding of hospital/provider facilities, guidelines and protocols

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