Workflow Transformation

Helping Transform Workflows

Programs Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Derive Technologies brings two decades of business-technology consulting, and fifteen years of healthcare-specific experience; to actively collaborate with our clients in the development of optimal workflows and best practices for clinical care.

Our workflow transformation solutions are completely scalable — both in scope and cost — to meet the needs of all providers, from large private and public hospital systems to smaller practices. We’ve developed and tested custom protocols for some of the world’s most important healthcare institutions and can tailor services to practices of any size, with attention to efficiency, systems and related data, ergonomics, point-of-care modeling and more.

Services in Support of Clinical Application Implementation

  • Workflow Collaboration
    • Documentation/Charting – patient/bed-side initiatives
    • Pharmacy, Nursing and barcode med administration initiatives
    • Physician and specialties requirements
    • Challenging areas/units (isolation, ICU/CCU, ED) – exception handling
  • Current and Future State Documentation
    • Unit-by-unit information/asset collection:
      • Device density and power consumption considerations
      • Detailed electronic floor plan markups
    • Staffing matrices by shift, role, unit, etc.
    • Device Selection Matrices based on role, task and desired location of task fulfillment
  • Developing a Formal Device Selection Plan
    • User/Stakeholder Engagement and Setting of Formal Requirements
    • Milestone Identification and Project Plan Development - up to and beyond Go-Live
    • Identifying Critical Path Items and other Obstacles to Success
  • Coordination of Technology Fairs, Product Evaluations, Concept Proofs & Pilots
    • Able to provide all manufacturer liaison and logistics requirements
    • Assistance in developing informational and support materials
    • Complete management of device fairs, POCs and Pilots
    • Internal marketing, Survey forms  plan development
  •  Assistance in the Development of Comprehensive Deployment, Training & Support Plans

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