An important article by author, India Ashok, entitled, "New Defray ransomware demands $5,000 from US and UK victims in highly customised attacks", appeared on August 26, on the International Business Times website. It identified a form of ransomware that, according to Ashok, "is using highly customised phishing emails to go after specific targets.

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An article by author Nitin Natarajan, entitled, "How to prepare for cyberattacks that strike during a public health crisis", was featured yesterday (8/22) on the Healthcare IT News website. From the article: "Whether because of a nefarious manmade or natural disaster, hospital IT shops often find themselves strapped during a crisis.

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Wannacry? OAuth?

A lot of well-known Healthcare organizations with important names have been impacted by these new threats.

If they can't defend themselves, HOW CAN YOU?

These major global cyber attacks - which occurred over the past few weeks - have occupied worldwide news headlines since. Organizations the world over, reportedly including major hospital systems, transportation providers, and telcos have been impacted. The attack has purportedly spread to over 150 countries around the world.

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